The health benefits of olive oil are tremendous. But, first it’s important to know what kinds of oils there are. When shopping for olive oil you will find that there are 3 varieties. They are, extra virgin, virgin and refined. Refined can also be referred to as light. This refined is the most processed of the three. Extra virgin is the healthiest and has the least amount of refinement.

Extra virgin olive oil, or EVOO, is the one we will focus on most for the health benefits. One of the main reasons that EVOO is so good for you is that it is high in phytochemicals which may help fight cancer and heart disease. It can keep arteries from hardening and possibly lower your blood pressure. The healthy fats can lower the chance of stroke by 40%. Olive oil has antioxidants and oleic and that are anti-inflammatory. The Mediterranean diet has been touted by experts that it can reduce the possibility of cancer and olive oil is prominent in this diet.

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